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How To Hire A Process Server In The Delaware County Ohio Area?  Click the button “Serve Now”

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What Does A Ohio Process Server Do?

Hire a Process Server Delaware County Ohio to serve your legal documents.  Process servers deliver documents to people, businesses, corporations, LLC’s, Government Agencies and Ohio registered agents.

We Serve CT Corp, CSC Lawyers, Summons, Complaints, Request for Documents, Subpoenas, Restraining Orders, Foreclosures, Evictions.

Questions: Call or Text (740) 234-9762

Process Server Columbus Ohio6

Ohio Registered agents We Serve

Registered agents accept service of process for corporations and LLC’s.  We are a registered agent process server.  We serve the following:

What kind of papers does a process server serve?

Our process servers are hired by law firms, Government agencies, Corporations, LLC’s, and the general public to serve their legal documents in the Central Ohio area.  We Serve Summons, Complaints, Request for Documents, Subpoenas, Restraining Orders, Foreclosures and Evictions.

How To Hire A Process Server In Ohio

Ordering service of process is easy.  You just fill out your process serving instructions on our order page and attach your documents for service of process.

Step 1

You will receive an online invoice for payment.  You will receive an email notice of service attempts.  We will email you a proof of service form after service.

Step 2

Example Process Service Instructions

1.  Please serve the attached complaint and summons to Nationwide Insurance c/o CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service 50 W Broad Street STE 1330 Columbus Ohio 43215.

2.  Please serve the attached subpoena to JP Morgan Chase c/o Ohio Registered Agent CT Corporation System 4400 Easton Commons STE 125 Columbus, Ohio 43219

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Trusted Process Server Delaware County Ohio Has To Offer

Process Server Delaware County Ohio

Finding a good process server is essential when it comes to serving a legal notice. It’s not easy to do this on your own nor will you want to do that.

Keep things as simple as possible and choose a trusted process server in Columbus Ohio.

We are the best for a reason and one of the most reputable options in the region. When you go with us, you will know things are going to be done as you envision them to be done. This is a promise and that’s what you are going to enjoy about working with us.

Our services include:

* Complaints
* Summons
* Request for Documents
* Restraining Orders
* Subpoenas
* Evictions
* Foreclosures
* And More!

Years of Experience

It’s our experience that is going to shine through as soon as you give us a call. We work with different types of clients including CSC lawyers and CT corporations to name a few. We have seen it all and it is this expertise that allows us to deliver tremendous results from the word go.

By going with us, you will know the quality is never going to be in question and you are going to see trustworthy results immediately.

Anyone serious about serving another party should give us a quick call. We will offer a customized solution that is going to meet all of your underlying needs. This is what makes us the best process server Columbus Ohio has to offer right now.

Local Process Server Ohio

Whether you are looking for a good process server Union County Ohio has to offer or a good process server Morrow County Ohio is home to, we should be the first name on your lips.

We are a local team that has been around for a long time and understands what the legal environment is here. It is this local experience that allows us to provide reasonable advice and make sure things are done the way you want them to be.

Why go with anyone else when you can trust a good process server Licking County Ohio has to offer?


Speed is something you are going to want with evictions, foreclosures, and/or any other type of legal notice that is sent to another party. We realize time is of the essence and that is something our team focuses on from day one.

You will know we are going to go above and beyond to make sure it all works out in your favor.

If you want to choose the best process server Marion County Ohio is home to then it’s time to look at us. We will be quick, efficient, and professional as soon as the process begins. This is a guarantee.

Legally Compliant

There are established legal standards in Ohio that have to be adhered to. We realize this and have dealt with thousands of clients in the past with great success.

No one should have to deal with new legal challenges when it comes to serving another party. Due to this, you can rely on what we are all about when it comes to finding a good process server Knox County Ohio is home to.

Our solutions will always be in line with the law and that is a promise.


We are not a new team that has just entered the legal industry for the first time. Instead, we are some of the finest professionals in the area and continue to set the standard for what works. We realize it’s all about the client and your needs, which is where our priorities lie.

We want to ensure you feel good about how the process works and what it entails.

Feel free to go through these details as soon as you call in. Our team is going to work through this information with you and make sure it all works as intended.


For those who want the best process server Columbus Ohio has to offer, it’s time to start with our team. We have been around for a long time but we also make sure to offer an affordable solution for all of your needs.

Why go with a server that isn’t going to take your needs seriously and/or isn’t going to set a fair rate? With our team, you are going to see tremendous results and it will be in line with the established legal standards of Ohio.

Whether it’s going with the best process server Franklin County Ohio is home to or the best process server Delaware County has to offer, we are the right fit for all of your needs. We provide world-class solutions to a variety of clients and it’s always done based on your requirements. Feel free to give us a quick call and know you are going to be dealing with a reputable process server Columbus Ohio is home to.

We serve documents in the following Delaware County Ohio:

Process Server Delaware Ohio
Process Server Galena Ohio
Process Server Kilbourne Ohio
Process Server Lewis Center Ohio
Process Server Ostrander Ohio
Process Server Powell Ohio
Process Server Radnor Ohio
Process Server Sunbury Ohio
Process Server Westerville Ohio
Process Server Columbus Ohio